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UNISA Online Short Courses – Assignments

Like residential universities, UNISA Online also has examinations and assignments for UNISA Students to achieve good results. Students are given sets of assignments depending on the course they are registered.

UNISA has rules for submission of assignments to make sure that they will receive the assignments before the due date:

  • Number the pages of your assignments and staple those to your assignment cover. Each assignment will have its own assignment cover and folder. Staple them on the correct covers and folders.
  • Do not use any type of envelope for your assignment. The envelopes provided by UNISA are C4-size envelopes.
  • Attach the barcode and fill the back of the envelope with: student number, name and surname, course code, assignment number and address.
  • UNISA will provide the barcodes after your registration and it should be pasted on the assignments cover.
  • Do not submit the assignments separately and not thru mail or fax.
  • Marked assignments will be returned to you five weeks after the due date of the assignments.
  • Results will be released with the examination results.

Types of Assignments

  • Multiple-choice assignments can be completed using myUnisa, student’s online portal.
  • General Assignments should be handwritten or compiled using Word document.
  • For written assignments, upload the document with the format that myUNISA accepts. On the word processor file header, include your name, student number, course code and assignment number.

Please follow UNISA’s page layout and formatting for text assignments.

  • Set the document into A4.
  • Set the left margin to at least 2.5 cm and right margin to 5cm for the feedbacks.
  • Use black ink only, common fonts like Arial and Times New Roman and a font size of 16 for headings and 12 for normal text.
  • Use simple tables and pictures and diagrams are allowed as long as they are not in color or not complex.

Keep in mind the due dates of assignments, because there will be no extensions and late assignments on UNISA.



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  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    I would like to register for a UNISA 6 months Project Management Course with immediate effect. I am a Department of Water Affairs employee.

    Please help me as it will be my first time registering there.

    NH Sangoni

    Posted by NH Sangoni | January 19, 2012, 7:29 am

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