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UNISA - South Australia, UNISA Online Short Courses

UNISA – South Australia Online Courses – Part 1

In this article, we will give you all courses and course details available at UNISA.  Courses are units in UNISA.

2D Computer Animation

Content and script development, Computer image production like drawing, creating animation, digitising, image editing and graphics. 2D Animation like movements, scripting, games, multimedia and entertainment.

3D Computer Animation, Advanced 3D Animation

3D Animation: movement, timing, 3D environment, texturing, lighting techniques.

AAD Field Experience

Study in the professional majors sustained by research.

Abdominal Sonography

Engaged in ultrasound exams like sonographic imaging of the pancreas, liver, major vessels, male pelvis, prostate, abdomen and urinary tract and other related to these areas.

Aboriginal Australia N

Caring for the country, environment and wilderness. Heritage and protection, Ecotourism and cultural tourism, Ethics and Resource Management

Aboriginal Contexts: Directed Study 1

Students will engage in information gathering, documentation, evaluation and analysis, reporting and representing Aboriginal people, planning and project identification.

Academic Skills 1, 2 & 3

Introduction to communication, reading and writing English, research & study, basic and advanced mathematical skills.

Academic Skills for IT professionals

Internet and database searching, career planning & management, academic and professional writing.

Accessible Interactive Media

Web design and W3c accessibility.

Accessing Resources

Interview techniques, management, evidence based research, key resources and customer-centred reference.

Accounting for Business

The course includes accounting environment & information, reporting & analysing transactions, financial statements and cash flow.

Accounting for Decision Making

Role of accounting, financial reporting, management accounting, budgeting, costing and environmental reporting.

Accounting for Management M

Accounting information and environment, recording, financial statements, budgeting and capital investment.

Action Learning Project

Topics include decision making, system thinking, and application of knowledge to a real world management problem.

Acute Cardiac Care

Topic includes anatomy and physiology of cardiovascular system, diagnosis and management of cardiac emergency like cardiac arrest and shock.

Acute Care

Topics include patient conditions like cardiovascular disease, cardiac surgery & failure, acute and chronic lung disease, and trauma. Medical & surgical management like terminology, pharmacology, diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy interventions like assessment, management, treatment, care planning and outcome measures.

Administrative Law

Principles of Administrative Law, Rule of Law, Administration, decision-making, grounds of judicial reviews.

Adult Learning for Nurse Education

Topics include health practice for adults, adult learning, styles and environment.

Advanced Community Occupational Therapy Practice and Chronic Conditions Management

The course includes appropriate community practice and approach for the chronic conditions in a community. Conditions including diabetes, chronic pain, heart and lung disease and arthritis impact and techniques for clients with chronic conditions.

Advanced Computer Practice for Design

Topics include use of computer graphic software’s, assembling digital artwork and technical processes.

Advanced Computing Seminar

This course discusses issues in the area of computing.

Advanced Construction in the Workshop

Fabrication with the use of timber, metal, glass, fabrics and coatings for the assembly of frames.

Advanced Construction On Site

Site construction projects like footing, framing, cladding and masonry, service technologies like solar, wind, water supply and waste disposal.

Advanced Consultancy Project

Areas covered are problem identification, analytic methods, analysis and presentation. Students will concentrate on analytic assignment under the supervision of a coordinator.

Advanced Cost Management

Traditional Management accounting description, limitations, cost management and performance measurement.

Advanced Data Modelling and Database Design

Architecture and designs, SQL and specialists database topics.

Advanced Design Media

Topic includes 2D and 3D modelling, animation, workshop modelling, digital form-making, issues between architecture, engineering, computer science and media studies.

Advanced Desktop Publishing for Publication

Topic includes advanced design, special effects with texts and images, proofreading, use of design software and image editing software like Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop.



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  1. i need to further my studies on administration/ short courses, please help me

    Posted by monama renny | May 19, 2011, 9:23 am
  2. I need information about waste management course.

    Posted by REGINALD PHOPHI MUSETHA | May 30, 2011, 12:16 pm

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