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UNISA – South Australia Online Courses – Part 2

Advanced Electronic and Multimedia Publishing

Topic includes multimedia distribution technologies, interface and storage, multimedia streaming, content creation, installer design and scripting.

Advanced Fundamentals of Information Technology

Information about computer hardware, operating systems, software and programming.

Advanced Health Assessment, Diagnostics and Investigations

The course will focus on history taking, examination skills, communication (written and verbal), diagnostic testing, physical exam, mental health, clinical assessment and generic assessment.

Advanced Hospital Care, Advanced Hospital Care GE

Clinical reasoning, problem and problem definition, working in teams and communicating within the inpatient hospital setting.

Advanced Human Computer Interaction

Course includes 3D, software, mobile, virtual, user modelling, novel and user interface evaluation.

Advanced Internet Technology

Topics include transmission control protocol, user datagram, Electronic Commerce, Mobile IP and data, HTTP, E-mail, File Transfer and Domain name and other internet applications.

Advanced Knowledge Representation

Includes Quantitative, model-based reasoning, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Ontologies and Denotational Semantics.

Advanced Management Accounting

Advanced management accounting, budgeting, planning, decision-making and performance evaluation.

Advanced Meditation Theory and Practice

Course includes approaches to mediation, abuses of power, dilemmas, empowerment, social justice, referral techniques, agreements, mental health issues, class, disability, language and professional background.

Advanced Methods in Molecular Biology

Course is about eukaryote genes, genomics, nucleic acid, chemical and protein database, therapy and cloning animals, protein technology, disease diagnosis, and micro-sequencing.

Advanced News Writing

Topic includes writing for print, broadcast and online media, magazine, journalism, documentary and news writing.

Advanced Operations Research

Basic measure theory, estimation, probability theory and linear algebra. Basics of modelling and methodology.

Advanced Park Planning

Understand and learning from protected area research, planning, social capital, tourism management, communication and marketing education.

Advanced Pharmacology for Podiatrists

Applied pharmacokinetics; diseases, drug interactions and drug monitoring. Practice issues on diseases like cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, rheumatic, psychology, neurology, reproductive systems and pain.

Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 1, 2, 3 & 4

Pathopyshiology and treatment of various diseases.Dosage calculation, reaction, drug interactions, therapies and parameters.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice

Topic includes medical case records and clinic laboratory test, pharmaceutical care, patient counselling, teaching and medication review.

Advanced Physiotherapy Practice

Course includes effective communication, team work, problem definition, problem solving, and treating clients within the clinical setting.

Advanced Podiatric Medicine

Disease processes and relevance; endocrine, nervous, respiratory, renal, cardiovascular and learning in health education.

Advanced Power Electronics

Advanced education in power electronic devices such as GTOs, IGBT, MCTS. Analysis and performance of AC and DC drives.

Advanced Practice in Social Work

Advanced communication and conflict management skills, skills application, intervention, family violence, child protection, decision making and professional judgement and reflexive practice and ethics.

Advanced Print Journalism G

News, travel, freelance writing, variations in writing, document analysis and interviewing.

Advanced Print to Wed Digital Publishing

Psychological aspects of human cognition, visual perception and environment, scanning, editing images, graphical presentation, use of bitmap and vector graphics, file compression, colour printing and copyright.

Advanced Print Workshop

Developing new story ideas, news gathering and news reporting, news production, online publication and interaction with news media professionals.

Advanced Problem Solving and Programming

Problem solving and introduction to programming, keywords, constants, variables, Boolean expressions, sequence, loops, methods, parameters and strings.



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