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UNISA 2016 Application and Registration Process


(New applicants, Current and returning students, Master’s or doctoral degree)

Everyone now has the access to this world class education online without the hesitations of being discriminated in a class or the stress of getting tired out going to and from schools.  Regardless of your race, colour or standing in the society, for as long as you meet all the requirements to be submitted, YOU’RE IN! 

You can now further educate yourself online at your own pace or time right at the convenience of your home, office or wherever you want to.  Whether you are a former student of UNISA or a new prospective student, formal education will be available for all.  Formal education such as diplomas, higher certificates, bachelor degrees, post graduate certificates/diplomas, advanced diplomas/certificates, honours/masters/doctorate degrees and advanced diplomas are all within your reach.

Before you start the ball rolling, check these things out to make sure that you do not miss out on hitting your goal.  Otherwise, you might then have to re-apply for the next application period: -(Application date for Semester 2 for all formal qualifications with semester modules will commence on April 7, 2016 (Friday) and the applications will be closed by April 25, 2016 (Friday) ).

*Checklists before you apply:

  1. Be sure to have your own valid email address
  2. Choose your UNISA qualification
  3. Double check the specific requirements for your chosen specific qualification
  4. Make sure that you have applied online, via post or at a regional office
  5. Before the closing date of application period, you have to submit/upload the certified copy of your school qualifications, official tertiary academic records (if applicable), ID document (RSA students/passport for foreigners), marriage certificate (if applicable), sworn translations if documents are not in English/Afrikaans
  6. Do not pay the application fee until you received your own student number from UNISA (within 5 days upon receiving your reference number)

Given the above checklist, who can now then apply for each new qualification?

New applicants:

These are new students who have never been enrolled or studied yet in UNISA who wish to get enrolled through UNISA in year 2016.

Current and returning students:

These are former students who wish to further their studies or change their specialization of their present qualification.

Master’s or doctoral degree:

These are those who wish to obtain masters or doctorate degree.

You have reached down this line realizing that you may need to have something handy with you for your reference, grab this brochure from UNISA by clicking this link:> UNISA 2015: Choose and Apply for Admission

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Get Online, Get Educated and Succeed For Life!


By now, you might be familiar with on how taking up course or degree online go about, with a vast selection of colleges being offered by UNISA one can single-handedly choose the right path of his own career, Risk Free and Hassle Free!

Thanks to the modern internet technology!  Everyone else now has the better option of getting equally distributed higher quality education.  UNISA has been around providing world class education system to almost one-third of all South African students.  Regardless of race, colour or beliefs, everyone has the access and the freedom to embrace this new form of world class education system.  Learn more about UNISA’s 140 years of rich fascinating history here:

Grab this chance now while it’s hot and fresh!  Check out some of these colleges for your qualifications that UNISA has to offer for the year 2016:

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Get Online, Get Educated and Succeed For Life!


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