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A plan of career advancement and excellence in your chosen field needs to be backed up by self-initiative in learning more through quality education available there is.

Enhancing your current degree or simply starting out to get one could be your stepping stone in getting up there.  No hindrances, hesitations or whatsoever should deter your goal of advancing in your chosen field.  For everyone knows the fact that most of the successful entrepreneurs, business tycoons or even YUPpies (Young Urban Professionals) out there started out with good quality education provided by prestigious colleges or universities.

UNISA or University of South Africa, is definitely in line with the world’s top notch universities and colleges. Being the world’s first, since 1946, UNISA is the longest dedicated open distance learning university. Since then, UNISA never fades in providing online quality education; proud to have served most of South African students and many students around the world with their online education throughout the years.

With today’s fast-paced internet technology, their advanced quality education progresses well with it.  You can start building up a strong foundation for your future by choosing from the following colleges with their corresponding courses for the curriculum year 2015:

1.  College of Accounting Sciences:

Their research focuses on taxation, auditing, financial and management accounting.  This college comprises of the following:

      • School of Accountancy
      • School of Applied Accountancy
      • Centre for Accounting Studies
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2.  College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences:

The college focuses on effective teaching and learning while doing innovative research on agriculture and the environment.  This college encourages their students to apply their context of agriculture and environment through community engagement/development.  The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences composes of:

      • School of Agriculture and Life Sciences
      • School of Environmental Sciences
      • Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
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3.  College of Economics and Management Sciences

The college is well staffed with highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculties in their respective disciplines.  Their highest standards of research include demographic modelling, demographic analysis, corporate sustainability, personal finance among many others.  The College of Economics and Management Sciences encourages community development to enrich and support their research.  The college is made up of the following:

      • School of Management Sciences
      • School of Economic Sciences
      • Bureau of Market Research
      • Institute for Corporate Citizenship
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4.  College of Education

The College of Education tackles the issue of which South Africa’s education system confronts.  Extensive research, major projects and various community engagements are being handled by their dedicated and very qualified faculty staff and administration to bring forth solutions.  The college consists of the following schools:

      • School of Education
      • School of Teacher Education
      • Centre for Continuous Professional Teacher
      • Community Education and Training
      • Teaching Practice Unit
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5.  College of Human Sciences

The teaching staff and its administration are continuously providing excellent teaching and learning methods.  Along with this, they conduct innovative research on issues related to HIV/AIDS, psychology, sociology, religious studies and theology, political and economic development, among others.  The College of Human Sciences has the following schools:

      • School of Arts
      • School of Humanities
      • School of Social Sciences
      • …7 centres, 4 units, 2 institutes
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6.  College of Law

The College of Law provides effective ways of teaching and learning law by their well experienced, qualified and dedicated professional staff.  Their research includes the areas of: dispute resolution in Africa, criminal framework for community safety, social security, medical law, and their bio-technology.  The College of Law is made up of the following schools:

      • Schools of Law and Criminal Justice
      • Institute for Dispute Resolution in Africa
      • Centre for Legal Education
      • Centre for Business Law
      • Centre for Criminological Sciences
      • Centre for Foreign and Comparative Law
      • The VerLoren van Thermaat Centre for Public Law Studies
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7.  College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Through UNISA Science Campus, this college constantly focuses on the research for growth of science, engineering and technology.  It is this college that develops and enhances UNISA’s Open Distance Learning among its other research themes.  The college comprises of the following schools:

      • School of Science
      • School of Engineering
      • School of Computing
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8.  College of Graduate Studies

The college conducts rigid research to address solutions and contribute to the well-being of all South African and its continent.  With their dedicated and experts in their respective fields faculties, the College of Graduate Studies aims to produce future leaders and successful individuals through their quality education.  These are the schools available for this college:

      • Department of Interdisciplinary Research
      • The Archie Mafeje Research Institute
      • The South African Research Institute Chair in Devt. Education
      • The Institute for African Renaissance Studies
      • Open and Distance Learning
      • Science and Technology Education
      • Social & Health Sciences
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9.  UNISA’s Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL)

This is an independent academic department within the College of Economic and Management Sciences.  Started out as Master of Business Leadership in 1965, UNISA then created their Graduate School of Business Leadership in 1969.  Since then, they have produced top notch graduates and alumni who currently hold top positions in various top notch companies of the world.  Most of their students and graduates of SBL were featured in Who’s Who of Southern Africa.

UNISA has a total of eight (8) prestigious colleges with the addition of Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL).  With over 1400 academics, along with their wide selections of high quality vocational programmes, UNISA is truly one excellent source for open distance learning.

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Get Online, Get Educated and Succeed for Life!

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