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Online Degree – Are We Ready Yet?

Online Degree

When can distance learning be 100% as a degree offered online?

With each passing day, month and year we all get a little bit closer to 100% being able to obtain a degree online. Without doing a lengthy study and research I imagine there are actually some options in certain countries to completely obtaining a degree online. In South Africa the option is distance learning if you are unable to attend a university campus. There is a lot of good reasons for distance learning being available in Africa. At present a lot can be achieved via online methods from applying, registering and achieving success through distance learning programs and some study online, but they are yet to take advantage of full featured online degree programs. This will be due to a combination of reasons, one big one being the infrastructure in rural areas may still not be in place for distance learning families to spend ample time online to achieve a degree, senior certificate or diploma.

UNISA distance learning might be as close to an online degree as you can currently get in South Africa. With the advent of online learning becoming as far wide as some of the rural districts of Africa. Then an online degree is something that is of a very attractive proposition.

While obviously full fledged courses are not held online it’s not a difficult proposition to apply and register for your distance learning program through UNISA much like you would an online degree.

The before mentioned MyUnisa is a great tool for campus or distance learning students and is another step towards students obtaining somewhat of a degree online.

MyUnisa is an online resource that is there to help students achieve their goals and is certainly great progress towards a complete online course.

The wide array of Short Learning programs that UNISA provide are available to browse online. You can browse brochures and add brochures to a specially created cart, peruse them online or offline helping you make your study decision easier.
While the short courses tuition method can usually be distance learning it will also prove to be helpful to study online, which will make your course more of a degree offered online.

Other institutions that provide distance learning or curriculum akin to an online degree are Damelin and Intec. Both of these institutes allow you to study abroad and bring the work to you much like an online degree. You can study from home and at your own pace while still earning an income in your current job.
Intec allows you to study from home and caters for courses that focus on high school senior certificates.

So where are we now for an online degree?

So for now distance learning is a combination of in depth study packages provided for students with some online services to aid students in graduating from their chosen course. It would be a wise choice to implement some online study methods of your distance learning program if possible. This will certainly benefit you in the long run and help you obtain the feel of an online degree, and why stop at one :0).


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  1. Please send me application form with general information on degree courses, registration costs and requirements for 2014-2015 academic year or call me @ 0837569954

    Posted by Makujoe | April 14, 2014, 9:54 pm

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