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Why Do Online Courses Work for Students

Let me give you an open and honest account of why online courses work for students. There are a few reasons why this works and here are just a few that might work for you.

  • Distance Learning
  • Lower Cost in Bandwidth
  • Flexibility of time

Distance Learning

This is one key factor that is relevant for such universities like UNISA, Damelin and Intec. Being universities in Africa, which is such a vast continent it’s not always possible to physically be on location. Some students may be learning from 100′s of miles away. It’s true in some countries students can travel for days on end hiking through incredible wilderness just to get to campus and spend the term away from their friends and family for months on end. So there is no doubt as the options become available that students more and more will be turning to study online.

Lower Cost Bandwidth

As the internet starts to penetrate deeper into communities and the world has now moved past the 1 billion mark for online users everything about it becomes more accessible to more remote parts of the world. The more availability the lower the costs become for students to be online. You can safely say that in relevant parts of the African continent that the mobile phone is the biggest form of communication at present. Pretty soon the online world will take over that mantle and the mobile towers will soon take on more data load, allowing for students to participate online more. This will open up for the ability to consume more video that is being currently consumed. This is one of the most rapid way to learn is through video. So this will all go a long way to help educate more remote parts of the world. Look for UNISA, Damelin and Intec to provide greater online education in the near future.

Flexibility of Time

As it always has been through the history of student life, students often work to pay their way through university. This has always been the case and won’t change any time soon. If their is an opportunity to study online while trying to pay student fees then there is an opportunity to study at a designated time that better suits you as a student. Rather than a class gathering at a campus at a specific time, this allows individuals to participate and study a course at a time and place that allows them to work or provide for a family.

So those are my three reasons. There are others and I could honestly go into a lot more details. The point is if you are looking to study then do the online research and see what the university of your choice offers before you consider relocating for studies.


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