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Challenges And Solutions: A Business Analyst Degree

UNISA has a fine campus at the Center for Business Management. Specifically under the college of Economic and Management Sciences many business related courses are available. Below is an explanation of the profession of a business analyst and some offerings by various South African institutions.

A business analyst acts as a link between all departments, executives and the board of directors within a specified company. The role involves analyzing and understanding the framework behind a business model, and through this analysis finding ways to improve upon it to maximize the aims of the business, and ultimately increase profits. A business analyst ascertains whether certain business decisions or moves are a viable option in light of existing policies and operational structures. This is achieved by interacting with various level employees from marketing departments to IT teams to establish exactly what can be done to boost competitiveness and results. Advice and directives often invoke changes to a cross-section of elements within a company ranging from IT based suggestions (improvements to in-house systems and sales procedures) to top-down structural adjustments (revamping a corporate identity or culture, reshuffling managers).

Damelin also have some recommended courses such as this diploma in business management.

A business analyst is generally expected to have sound and expansive knowledge of business practices, and to be up to date with developments on a national and international level. In essence, they channel a company’s resources into creating a clear-cut business plan. Clients range from government institutions, through to small start ups and there is recent trend whereby even the most established corporations are bringing in analysts to critically assess their commercial and investment practices.

Intec have a good range of Business courses, check out Intec Business Management courses here.

Most employers look for experience when considering candidates, though a degree is great place to start as it provides an in-depth introduction to business practices. It also helps develop analytical skills crucial to a position within a company and provides training in interpersonal relations.

There are a number of employment prospects for individuals graduating with a business analyst degree:

Various UNISA Business Management or Analyst degrees can be found here.

  • Consultants; such roles involve moving from company to company providing comprehensive analysis of current structures, then a series of improvements or actions to improve business. These roles are often very well paid and show resourcefulness through their freelance nature.
  • Corporations; as explained above, big business rely on analysts to stay up to date with industry trends and market fluctuations. Though obtaining such as position is hard for newcomers, it can be the culmination of a career of hard work and dedication.
  • Industry specific; many analysts decide to specialize in a specific sector or industry. Such jobs involve facing up to business challenges with innovative solutions that are field specific.
  • Graduate programs; these involve integrating established companies through a comprehensive training program that ultimately leads to a long term position. This path often requires devotion to one company for the entirety of a career so those wishing to vary experiences may want to stay ear.


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  1. Good day

    I would like to get some information regarding being a business analyst. I need to know which course is advisable to do.

    Posted by Lerato Molefe | June 26, 2013, 10:23 am
  2. Good day

    I would like to get some information regarding being a business analyst. I need to know which course is advisable to do.

    Posted by Yvonne | January 20, 2014, 10:19 am
  3. Hi there

    I am really interested in a business analyst degree/diploma, could you please provide me with the information regarding this qualification. I am interested in a short course.

    Thank you

    Posted by Kemsley | June 20, 2014, 10:59 am

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