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African Distance and Correspondance Learning Solutions

Correspondance Courses in Africa Learning via correspondence in Africa is a huge advantage as Africa is a vast country and the majority of the population are spread far and wide. Some area of Africa have good learning facilities while others don’t. So due to the distance and in some cases the lack of monetary support, … Continue reading »

Why Online Courses

Why Online Courses are for you! More and more people are turning to online course solutions due to time and geographic restraints. Obligingly institutions are turning to providing online solutions with the current trend. It would be simply not a good move not to. In the current economic climate you simply can’t hold down a … Continue reading »

The Grading Process

As outlined in the upcoming launch of the Online Course eBook Most universities that provide their curriculum online continue the same form of marking their students. Grades are standardized measurements of varying levels of comprehension in a particular subject matter. This can vary from country to country and can be assigned in letters (for example, … Continue reading »

New Online Short Courses eBook

We’re in the middle of writing an eBook as a resource for all visionaries wanting to participate in online short courses. But guess what we discovered? It’s not all about pushing what we know into this eBook, we want your input, so essentially you decide on what topics are covered. So don’t be shy, we … Continue reading »

UNISA – South Australia Online Courses – Part 2

Advanced Electronic and Multimedia Publishing Topic includes multimedia distribution technologies, interface and storage, multimedia streaming, content creation, installer design and scripting. Advanced Fundamentals of Information Technology Information about computer hardware, operating systems, software and programming. Advanced Health Assessment, Diagnostics and Investigations The course will focus on history taking, examination skills, communication (written and verbal), diagnostic … Continue reading »

UNISA – South Australia Online Courses – Part 1

In this article, we will give you all courses and course details available at UNISA.  Courses are units in UNISA. 2D Computer Animation Content and script development, Computer image production like drawing, creating animation, digitising, image editing and graphics. 2D Animation like movements, scripting, games, multimedia and entertainment. 3D Computer Animation, Advanced 3D Animation 3D … Continue reading »

UNISA Online Short Courses – Assignments

Like residential universities, UNISA Online also has examinations and assignments for UNISA Students to achieve good results. Students are given sets of assignments depending on the course they are registered. UNISA has rules for submission of assignments to make sure that they will receive the assignments before the due date: Number the pages of your … Continue reading »

UNISA Application – Choosing your Course

Do you want to learn more and apply to UNISA Online Courses?  But have you chosen what career you want? Before filing an application, you should think about what course or career you really want. First, you should list all courses available at UNISA Online. Second, make a short list by choosing all careers that … Continue reading »

UNISA Online Short Courses

What is UNISA Online Short Courses? University of South Africa/University of South Australia which is commonly known as UNISA offers a distance education wherein you can earn diplomas and certificates of the courses you choose. Who are qualified? Everyone is qualified; students who haven’t completed high school or college and students who have completed college … Continue reading »