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UNISA 2015 Application and Registration Process

HOW TO APPLY FOR ADMISSION:  (New applicants, Current and returning students, Master’s or doctoral degree) Everyone now has the access to this world class education online without the hesitations of being discriminated in a class or the stress of getting tired out going to and from schools.  Regardless of your race, colour or standing in … Continue reading »

UNISA 2014 Courses and Registration

University Recognized Courses Offered by UNISA for 2014 UNISA is a leading university with thousands of students seeking degree level education facility in open distance learning format. In all UNISA is a group of 6 recognized universities for various course platforms for career seeking students. The basic course modules of UNISA vary with individuals’ qualifications … Continue reading »

UNISA Applications 2013

Have you applied to study at UNISA for the 2013 semesters yet? Below are links to all the relevent information you need to successfully apply for a UNISA course in 2013. Start your UNISA journey to success here How to Apply fo UNISA courses in 2013 General admission requirements Choose a UNISA qualification Apply for a … Continue reading »

UNISA Course in Purchasing and Supply Management (Including Cost)

UNISA Course Purchasing and Supply Management cost is R1250 per module The total fee for Purchasing and Supply Management is R6250 The purpose of this UNISA course is to an insight into the purchase and supply chain management for new and also experienced purchasing and supply chain management personal. Focusing on integration, globalisation and technology advancements. The course … Continue reading »

UNISA Short Course Prices

A lot of you have expressed a need to know the cost of some UNISA courses. While I can gather a few prices for some of the courses I cannot gather all the prices. You will simply sometimes have to find out through applying or contacting UNISA directly. Here is a link to UNISA course prices … Continue reading »

Applied Project Management UNISA Course (Including Cost)

Applied Project Management Course Cost (R3800.00) This course provided by the UNISA school of computing and focuses specifically on the needs of information technology. The IT industry is still sustaining massive growth and requires computer specialists and project management specialists specifically in this field. This course provides people with a practical and theoretical foundation for … Continue reading »

African Distance and Correspondance Learning Solutions

Correspondance Courses in Africa Learning via correspondence in Africa is a huge advantage as Africa is a vast country and the majority of the population are spread far and wide. Some area of Africa have good learning facilities while others don’t. So due to the distance and in some cases the lack of monetary support, … Continue reading »

UNISA Forum for Course Discussions

Hi All, Thanks to all the great responses to the question about having a forum. It’s been overwhelming so I’ve decided to launch it early and I’ve been busy building a forum for all of those people that need to post discussion questions about all things UNISA (study, registration, courses) etc. It’s not all UNISA, … Continue reading »

Keep this UNISA Blog Alive

If you’re a regular visitor you may or may not have noticed the donation box on the side bar of the UNISA Short Courses Blog website. I’m doing my best to take the time to provide some great information about studies not only undertaken at UNISA but other institutions around South Africa, like Damelin and … Continue reading »

Project Management Courses – The Complete Online Guide

Unisa Project Management Courses Project Management courses are very common in the business and computers sectors of the UNISA, Damelin and Intec curriculum. They are becoming more and more popular in the industry as business take on more load through third party contractors who need to have some formal Project Management background. But in most … Continue reading »


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