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African Distance and Correspondance Learning Solutions

Correspondance Courses in Africa Learning via correspondence in Africa is a huge advantage as Africa is a vast country and the majority of the population are spread far and wide. Some area of Africa have good learning facilities while others don’t. So due to the distance and in some cases the lack of monetary support, … Continue reading »

UNISA Forum for Course Discussions

Hi All, Thanks to all the great responses to the question about having a forum. It’s been overwhelming so I’ve decided to launch it early and I’ve been busy building a forum for all of those people that need to post discussion questions about all things UNISA (study, registration, courses) etc. It’s not all UNISA, … Continue reading »

Project Management Courses – The Complete Online Guide

Unisa Project Management Courses Project Management courses are very common in the business and computers sectors of the UNISA, Damelin and Intec curriculum. They are becoming more and more popular in the industry as business take on more load through third party contractors who need to have some formal Project Management background. But in most … Continue reading »

UNISA Forum? A Simple Question

It’s a simple question. Would you benefit from having a forum here in this UNISA blog. You will be able to communicate with peers who are jus like you and get answers from present and former students? Get questions answered relating to UNISA registration, UNISA Courses, Online Degrees, Management courses like Project Management and the … Continue reading »

Online Degree – Are We Ready Yet?

Online Degree When can distance learning be 100% as a degree offered online? With each passing day, month and year we all get a little bit closer to 100% being able to obtain a degree online. Without doing a lengthy study and research I imagine there are actually some options in certain countries to completely … Continue reading »

Challenges And Solutions: A Business Analyst Degree

UNISA has a fine campus at the Center for Business Management. Specifically under the college of Economic and Management Sciences many business related courses are available. Below is an explanation of the profession of a business analyst and some offerings by various South African institutions. A business analyst acts as a link between all departments, … Continue reading »

2012 is Upon Us!

It’s hard to believe that 2012 is upon us and the time to register for the 2012 year of studies is here. We all need to start making decisions for the year ahead already. Or at the very least start to consider the decision for your studies in 2012. So if you are an undergraduate … Continue reading »

Why Do Online Courses Work for Students

Let me give you an open and honest account of why online courses work for students. There are a few reasons why this works and here are just a few that might work for you. Distance Learning Lower Cost in Bandwidth Flexibility of time

Why Online Courses

Why Online Courses are for you! More and more people are turning to online course solutions due to time and geographic restraints. Obligingly institutions are turning to providing online solutions with the current trend. It would be simply not a good move not to. In the current economic climate you simply can’t hold down a … Continue reading »

New Online Short Courses eBook

We’re in the middle of writing an eBook as a resource for all visionaries wanting to participate in online short courses. But guess what we discovered? It’s not all about pushing what we know into this eBook, we want your input, so essentially you decide on what topics are covered. So don’t be shy, we … Continue reading »