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The Bloggers Guide to Project and Business Management at UNISA 2012

I have been doing some research on the available courses through UNISA in 2012 under the Project and Business Management sector. I have put together my own personal PDF if you are interested. Go easy, it’s just something I put together to try and help people gain access and register to these courses. You can … Continue reading »

Advanced Programme in Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

A programme or course in purchasing and supply chain management for middle to senior management. Strategies surround the sourcing and supplying of products and services within industries.  How to negotiate, global sourcing. Apply theoretical knowledge to real life working situations. Modules include: Strategic Sourcing Management (Module 1) Supply Chain Management (Module 2) Negotiations (Module 3) … Continue reading »

New UNISA Subject Guides Now and 2012 (courses)

A lot of you have been asking questions about certain courses, and I thank everybody for all your questions and I will try and answer them all. One way is I have been working hard collating information about subjects and courses provided by UNISA. There are a lot of courses so what I am doing … Continue reading »

UNISA Courses Tutorials

UNISA provides tutorials to help compliment their courses. When you take courses like project management, UNISA accounting courses or business management then you can have face-to-face sessions, called tutorials where the student can be guided through the more difficult aspects of your specific course. The tutors are professionally qualified candidates employed on a part time … Continue reading »

Project Management UNISA Course

If you weren’t aware UNISA offer a project management course. Here is the low down. This is the “Basics of Project Management“. Find out the key ingredients of managing projects in this UNISA course Project management focuses on the management of PROJECTS. Learn how to think on your feet in managing and making decisions on … Continue reading »

Project Management Short Courses

What is Project Management? Project Management is an in demand course wherein a Project Manager creates a plan and direct its team members to achieve a particular goal in a business. A good project manager can do multiple tasks, assist and guide the team and can create a plan to produce effective results. Would you … Continue reading »