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The Changing Role Of Accountants And Why An Accounting Degree Is Worthwhile

The accounting profession has a wide range of opportunities and UNISA covers all aspects of the financial sector. The College of Economic Management and Sciences has a good range of short learning programs that are covered here. Below is an overview of the ever changing sector of accounting and what can be achieved and the … Continue reading »

UNISA Forum? A Simple Question

It’s a simple question. Would you benefit from having a forum here in this UNISA blog. You will be able to communicate with peers who are jus like you and get answers from present and former students? Get questions answered relating to UNISA registration, UNISA Courses, Online Degrees, Management courses like Project Management and the … Continue reading »

Online Degree – Are We Ready Yet?

Online Degree When can distance learning be 100% as a degree offered online? With each passing day, month and year we all get a little bit closer to 100% being able to obtain a degree online. Without doing a lengthy study and research I imagine there are actually some options in certain countries to completely … Continue reading »

Challenges And Solutions: A Business Analyst Degree

UNISA has a fine campus at the Center for Business Management. Specifically under the college of Economic and Management Sciences many business related courses are available. Below is an explanation of the profession of a business analyst and some offerings by various South African institutions. A business analyst acts as a link between all departments, … Continue reading »

Purchasing, Sourcing And Supply Chain Management

At the core of every business delivering a product or service is an intricate network that manages the logistics of sourcing, buying and supplying in a manner that is profitable. This chain is constructed to respond rapidly to the tides and woes of supply and demand. It organizes the acquisition and distribution of raw materials, … Continue reading »

Guest Post: UNISA Entry Requirements

I’ve been thinking recently of studying again. I feel I need to add a further string to my bow to improve my employment prospects and if anything to prove to myself that I can do it. A self esteem boost if you will. The problem is choosing what university, and once that decision has been … Continue reading »


If you’ve registered to study at UNISA or even returning to further your studies then you best be taking advantage of the great service provided called myUNISA. myUNISA is a web based system for collaborative interaction between students and UNISA. MyUNISA has a great range of services and if you do not utilize the system … Continue reading »

UNISA Short Learning Programmes

UNISA 2012 short learning programmes brochures are now online and you can download the UNISA website. They are PDF files of all the various short learning programmes at UNISA and contain courses throughout all of the colleges at UNISA. Including Agriculture & Environmental Sciences, Economic & Management Sciences, Education, Human Sciences, Law, Science Engineering and … Continue reading »

UNISA Study Fee Quotation

UNISA has done a great thing by including a study fee quotation calculator of their website. You can get their by navigating on the URL below. It includes a quotation for studying outside of South Africa so for all those people doing external or studying internationally through UNISA, then you too can get a quote. … Continue reading »

The Center for Business Management

The Centre for Business Management About the centre The Centre for Business Management was established in 1988 to assist the University of South Africa in the execution of its responsibility to the community in education, research and community service. More specifically, the Centre strives to: present introductory, pragmatic, non-degree tuition in the management sciences in … Continue reading »