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UNISA Forum for Course Discussions

Hi All, Thanks to all the great responses to the question about having a forum. It’s been overwhelming so I’ve decided to launch it early and I’ve been busy building a forum for all of those people that need to post discussion questions about all things UNISA (study, registration, courses) etc. It’s not all UNISA, … Continue reading »

Keep this UNISA Blog Alive

If you’re a regular visitor you may or may not have noticed the donation box on the side bar of the UNISA Short Courses Blog website. I’m doing my best to take the time to provide some great information about studies not only undertaken at UNISA but other institutions around South Africa, like Damelin and … Continue reading »

Project Management Courses – The Complete Online Guide

Unisa Project Management Courses Project Management courses are very common in the business and computers sectors of the UNISA, Damelin and Intec curriculum. They are becoming more and more popular in the industry as business take on more load through third party contractors who need to have some formal Project Management background. But in most … Continue reading »