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The Center for Business Management

The Centre for Business Management About the centre The Centre for Business Management was established in 1988 to assist the University of South Africa in the execution of its responsibility to the community in education, research and community service. More specifically, the Centre strives to: present introductory, pragmatic, non-degree tuition in the management sciences in … Continue reading »

The Bloggers Guide to Project and Business Management at UNISA 2012

I have been doing some research on the available courses through UNISA in 2012 under the Project and Business Management sector. I have put together my own personal PDF if you are interested. Go easy, it’s just something I put together to try and help people gain access and register to these courses. You can … Continue reading »

UNISA 2012 – The Registration Process

Hi folks, the registration for UNISA 2012 is open on November 28. If your application has been successful then follow the steps below. As per usual UNISA have a thorough process for registrations and they have provided some good steps to get you through it all. The links UNISA have provided are below to help … Continue reading »

2012 is Upon Us!

It’s hard to believe that 2012 is upon us and the time to register for the 2012 year of studies is here. We all need to start making decisions for the year ahead already. Or at the very least start to consider the decision for your studies in 2012. So if you are an undergraduate … Continue reading »

Registration at UNISA

Registration at UNISA can be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be though. All colleges follow the same opening and closing times for registering for the 2012 semesters. Registration opens Monday the 28th of November and closes the 20th of December. The registration the reopens again on January 3rd and semester 1 modules close … Continue reading »