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Budding Entrepreneurship's (UNISA Diploma Course)

I hope your year of study is going well. UNISA has a few other aces up it’s sleeve when it comes to courses. Do you consider yourself a budding Entrepreneur? Here is a UNISA course, which is a National Diploma: Entrepreneurship. There are three modules to this course and they are all compulsory. Some of … Continue reading »

UNISA Courses Tutorials

UNISA provides tutorials to help compliment their courses. When you take courses like project management, UNISA accounting courses or business management then you can have face-to-face sessions, called tutorials where the student can be guided through the more difficult aspects of your specific course. The tutors are professionally qualified candidates employed on a part time … Continue reading »

Project Management UNISA Course

If you weren’t aware UNISA offer a project management course. Here is the low down. This is the “Basics of Project Management“. Find out the key ingredients of managing projects in this UNISA course Project management focuses on the management of PROJECTS. Learn how to think on your feet in managing and making decisions on … Continue reading »